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Final Manuscript and Publication Guidelines

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For Regional Editors

If you are a regional editor, please join our Google group for editing related discussions. You can also read past discussions.

Note that we have switched to use Latex for journal publication. The instructions regarding to final manuscript formatting have changed.

Regional Editors Roster

Region Editor
Central Plains Joseph Kendall-Morwick
Eastern Steven Kreutzer
Midsouth David Naugler
Midwest Saleh Alnaeli
Northeastern Jeremiah W. Johnson
Northwestern Sharon Tuttle
Rocky Mountain Pam Smallwood
South Central Bingyang Wei
Mustafa Al-Lail
Southeastern Kevin Treu
Southwestern Mariam Salloum
Megan Thomas

A regional editor serves as a liaison between the regional conference committee and the journal editor. Whoever works in this capacity are responsible for passing the following documents to the journal editor before the deadline.

Publishable Items

The Latex templates for papers and other abstracts can be found in this repository.

Important Dates

There are two important dates for journal publication:

Work with Authors

Collect manuscript

After the regional committee accepts papers (and other items) for the conference the following should happen:

By AUTHOR_DUE date the regional editor must received all the publishable items.

Check for errors

For each publishable item the regional editor need to collect the following:

We do accept final manuscript submissions in Word doc. In this case, the regional editor either needs to reformat the submissions in Latex using the formatting instructions or forward the submission to the journal editor AS IS.

The regional editor need to check the copyright release forms are filled out correctly:

The regional editor is not supposed to edit the content of the manuscripts because easy typo should have been fixed and the authors should be responsible for the content.

Note that When you convert a paper from Word doc to Latex, you can use Google scholar to look up each bibliography entry and copy the bibtex export (by clicking the quotation mark icon). This way you don’t have to create the entries from scratch (some editing may be necessary if the entry seems incomplete).

Work with the Journal Editor

A regional editor should send publishable items in their final format to the journal editor as soon as they become available. The deadline is EDITOR_DUE. If an item is received after EDITOR_DUE date, the item is not guaranteed to appear in the journal.

For each publishable item the regional editor need to email the journal editor a zip file with the following: