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Final Manuscript and Publication Guidelines

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For Authors

Each regional conference’s call for papers has its own submission guidelines for submitting work for consideration. Usually a PDF file with the authors’ information hidden is sufficient. You may choose to follow the final manuscript formatting guidelines, but it is completely optional.

Final Manuscript

Once your work is accepted by the conference committee, you must prepare your work for publication by following this guideline. We strongly recommend that you use our Latex templates, which formats your work using a predefined style. It also makes our journal editor’s job easier because the final journal editing and compilation is done in Latex.

The Latex templates repository contains further instructions in README files. You can download the repository and choose the template you need. Each template has a sample pdf file showing what the formatted work looks like.

If you do not want to use Latex we do accept final manuscripts in Word doc. Please format your work as much as you can according to the PDF example in the Latex templates. Exact formatting is unnecessary because your work will be converted to Latex. Here is a list of sample publishable items:

The following items need to be in your final manuscript submission:

Copyright Release From

You must submit a copyright release form in order for us to publish your work.