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Final Manuscript and Publication Guidelines

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This site contains information about final manuscript formatting (see authors page) and the journal publication process (see regional editors page).

The Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) holds ten regional conferences throughout the U.S. Please check out CCSC’s conference calendar for detailed conference Information.

Proceedings from the conferences are published in “The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges” according to the following schedule.

Publication Schedule

2020 - 2021

Conference Date Journal Issue
Northwestern Oct. 2-3 2020 36.1 [digital]
Rocky Mountain Oct. 9-10 2020 36.2 [digital]
Eastern Oct. 9-10 2020 36.3 [digital]
Midwestern Sept. 25-26 2020 36.4 [digital]
Southeastern Jan. 22-23 2021 36.5 [digital]
Central Plains   36.6
South Central   36.7
Northeastern   36.8
Midsouth   36.9
Southwestern   36.10

Past Conferences

Journal Distribution

The journals are distributed in following three channels: